About Us

Lane County Glass, Inc. was founded on September 17, 1982.  The company is managed by Tony McLaren and has 31 full time employees.  The target market for Lane County Glass, Inc. is divided into three segments:  Commercial,  Residential and Overhead Doors.  Lane Country Glass, Inc, is able to provide a wide variety of  services within its diversity of products.   The company’s manufacturing department prides itself in building storefronts, insulated glass, custom shower and tub enclosures and replacement glass and mirrors.

Lane County Glass, Inc. also offers garage door sales, installation and repair in both commercial and residential sectors.

The most unique benefit that Lane County Glass, Inc. offers to its clientele is the one on one personal attention that you receive from our sales team.  We can assure immediate and continuous attention throughout each job in addition to the expertise of the owner.

     Mission Statement

Lane County Glass, Inc. offers expertise on all types of glass products and glass services. We strive to provide a professionalism unmatched.  Our individuals are talented professionals that oversee every detail from the onset of the job to the successful completion.